A mother has confessed to having s e x with her biological son just to have a baby for her husband. Matina Agawua, lost her first husband to herdsmen attack in Nigeria. Her first marriage produced a son. She remarried years after the death of her husband but had difficulties having a child with her second husband, Mr James.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

After six years of marriage with no child, Matina started getting pressured by her mother-in-law and her current husband to have a child or the marriage will be over.

Matina’s husband threatened to take a new wife and this bothered Matina because she and her husband had contributed money to build the house they live in, with Matina providing a greater share. It troubled Matina to have another woman living in the house she built with her husband.

As a result, Matina decided to have s e x with her teenage son from her first marriage to see if she could have a child for her second husband.

“We had been married for more than six years but were still childless due to my husband’s fault, according to doctor’s report, and I was hearing from the grapevine that he was planning to take a second wife on the grounds that I could not give him a child,” Matina told The Nation.

Matina told the publication that she had undergone a test on her own since her husband refused to go for one, and the result showed that there was nothing wrong with her medically.

To prove that she is fertile, she decided to lure her own son, a student in Akwanga, into a secret affair, while warning him to keep it secret…CONTINUE READING>>

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