Jacinta has narrated how her husband used to bring different girls into their matrimonial house few week after they did their wedding. A man who was their neighbor approached her and decided to be in a relationship with her.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Jacinta stated that a week after they did their wedding, her husband disappeared without informing her. Her cousin later came and informed her that her husband had gone out with his ex-girlfriend.

After he came back the following day in the evening, upon asking him, he didn’t deny and told her that there is nothing she can do. After involving their best couple and their pastor, he didn’t change.

At this time, Jacinta had conceived her first child. Things became worse because her husband used to go for even a week without returning home. She was stressed and regretting why she got married.

Her husband now started bringing different girls into their matrimonial house and sleeping with them in a different room. He could even tell her to cook a special meal for them.

A young man who was their neighbor approached Jacinta, told her that since she doesn’t get happiness in her marriage, they should have a relationship. Jacinta accepted. She used to visit the man’s house when her husband was at work. The man used to give her money.

One of her neighbors later realized they had a relationship, informed Jacinta not to revenge what her husband was doing. She informed her boyfriend to separate because people know about it, and her husband might hurt him if he realizes that.

She later left the marriage because her husband was abusing her physically. She has advised women to take their time to know their spouses…CONTINUE READING>>

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