A sad married woman has shared her ordeal after two years of tying the knot with her husband.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

The heartbroken wife, identified as Mary Musunza, shared her story via Facebook and pleaded with fans for advice.

Mary said her husband has other side chicks whom he cherishes and even goes to the extent of making calls with them in her presence.

When she confronted him for cheating, the man threatened to pack all his clothes and leave the house.

Sharing the sad story via Facebook, she said:

“I am Mary and am married for 2years now but we have no child yet, my husband is cheating on me and when I ask him y is doing this to me he always say because am not giving him a child.

Am dying inside because is know telling me that he will take his clothes and go, he also makes calls to his women while we’re together. I really want a baby but only God knows when. What should I do.”

Nathan Bege said:

“Keep trusting God and be prayerful to Him for intervention. Just that and don’t retaliate to your husband attitude let him be so that God will fight your battle easily.”

Ukachi Ibiam reacted:

“You both should go to hospital and know what the problem is and back it up with prayers. God will see you through.”

Avissey Williams reacted:

“He is not womanising because you are unable to give him babies, he will still do it even after giving them to him.”

Amanyi Samuel noted:

“He makes all things beautiful in his time, be patient and prayerful, God will wipe away your tears very soon, remember the blessing of God maketh riches and addeth no sorrow with it, do God anywhere in search of a child, wait on God, He will restore your delay with double blessing. Thank you.”

Mercy Oko added:

“Nawaoo! Some men self, just 2years, inukwam, my dear look for medical check-up…CONTINUE READING>>

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