A 45-year-old Thai politician has been caught by husband in bed with 24-year-old adopted son, who is a monk....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

This affair has rocked Thailand after Prapaporn Choeiwadkoh was caught on video in bed with 24-year-old monk Phra Maha. Prapaporn’s husband Ti, had driven five hours after he suspected the affair and caught his wife on video red-handed.

Prapaporn and Ti adopted Phra last year out of compassion. However, her husband, Ti, now accuses the monk, who has disappeared, of seducing his wife Prapaporn.

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The situation has garnered significant attention in Thailand and even captivated Chinese social media, with many users finding the circumstances unbelievable.

The story was initially reported by China’s Horizon News, the story has received comments like, “This news is explosive, with too many elements. It sounds like pure fiction. The world of the wealthy is indeed fascinating and chaotic.”

Another person said, “I laughed out loud. Sounds like their conversation got a little too heated? that they needed to cool down without air conditioning.”

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Here the commenter was referring to the video that captured Ti discovering his wife lying with Phra under the covers.

“A 64-year-old husband, a 45-year-old wife, and a 24-year-old adopted son who is a monk? This is such a mess. It sounds more like keeping a boy-toy rather than adoption. Even dramas don’t dare to script this,” said a third user.

‘Wall of Death’ workout can keep astronauts fit on the Moon. Here’s how it works. After confronting his wife, Ti asked if they were happy together. His wife defended herself, claiming they had not had sex and were only chatting and said, “Nothing happened.”

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Ti expressed his outrage after catching them red handed and said, “I was furious when I found them together. I felt so betrayed.”

Also known as “Madam Ple”, Prapaporn is a well-known politician from Sukhothai, a province in central Thailand.

She currently serves as the president of a local chamber of commerce and has been a member of the Democrat Party since March last year. Prapaporn has been suspended by the party..CONTINUE READING>>

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