Spiritual Powers Of Cassava Leaves, And How To Use Them To Save Yourself From Evil Spirits....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

If you are traveling and in some cases it happens that in the middle of the road you are forced to ease yourself, which happens to most people and at times the unfortunate happens and people even do it in the car, if you don’t want this happen to you, then get seven leafs of Cassava and put them into palms, try and mash them in your palms and put it at the back of your pocket, trust me you won’t feel like defecating in the process of your journey till you alight, or take the leafs from your pocket.

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When you are seriously sick, and Doctors can’t identify what the problem is get a quantity of the Cassava Leafs and boil them, use the boiled water to bath and believe you me if the..CONTINUE READING>>

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