There is a way to make sure that they enjoy and get something out of their time with us. Some people think that paying respect to the dead is the same as worship.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

We have an obligation to maintain the spirits of people who are close to us. Because of this, there are particular rites we must perform in their memory now that they have passed away.

1. Zulu Beer

We share a glass of Zulu beer with our ancestors during ceremonies to engage in discussion. We preserve this beer in the same hut where we communicate with our ancestors. That Zulu beer tonight is not to be touched or consumed. The Zulu ancestors are reported to stop by at night to drink beer that has been reserved for them.

2. Incentives (impepho)

Burning an incents and calling on the ancestors is how you enlist their assistance and obtain your desired outcome. Tell them how much they mean to you if you took to the trouble of making a routine to express your gratitude. There are many clues that can be used to determine how satisfied they were with your wedding.

3. Cemeteries

A visit to the cemetery is necessary if you want to keep in touch with your family’s past. You bring something with you when you arrive. Flowers are laid on the grave and left there as a sign of respect and care, and today city inhabitants frequently gather close by to engage in conversation.

You only need to pour the Zulu beer close to the grave and then leave with the container that has half of the beverage. Rural communities also hold this rite, but the participants must travel there with zulu beer and incense to burn them and communicate with the dead.

4. Chicken

You can offer your ancestors a goat or a cow as a sacrifice, but if you’re only doing a simple ceremony, a chicken will do. You perform the rite according to the instructions. While burning incense within the hut, you share your knowledge.

If you demonstrate the chicken you will be butchering, they will be encouraged to eat you. Contrary to popular belief, your ancestors were neither bad nor nonexistent. Instead of acting in accordance with what you believe is right, follow your own judgment. The deceased are here, and they always will be. no matter how strongly you disagree…CONTINUE READING>>

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