In 2016, Edwin Muendo planned a heist, targeting Tuskys Supermarket in the CBD. He waited for the chief cashier to collect the day’s sales money and then made a move.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

A struggle ensued between Muendo and the cashier, leading him to fire a shot into the air. The startled gunman swiftly vanished into the crowd, escaping to safety.

Muendo admitted this wasn’t his first robbery attempt. He mentioned that although he had reduced his criminal activities and tried doing business, it wasn’t successful.

“I had quit robbery, but not entirely. I would only resort to stealing when things got worse. My child’s condition forced me back into the criminal world,” he confessed.

Leaving his child at the hospital, Muendo embarked on a mission to steal, hoping to survive and provide for his child. He carefully surveyed supermarkets in the CBD and chose the busiest one to maximize his gains. The theft lasted about ten minutes, and upon returning home, he had collected an additional Ksh.800,000.

“I knew I would have more than enough. I fired into the air to cause confusion, quickly changed my clothes, blended into the crowd, and disappeared. I got home safely, but later realized I was on the news while counting the money,” he recounted.

The next day, he used the stolen money to discharge his child from the hospital. Unfortunately, a friend who knew about the heist stole the remaining balance from him, leaving him with nothing.

“I went to meet former Governor Mike Sonko in town for assistance, but instead, I was arrested and taken to Central Police Station. They lacked evidence against me since I had destroyed the clothes, and my friend had vanished with the gun and the money,” he elaborated.

Muendo noted that many of his friends had succumbed to crime, recalling an incident where a mob almost killed him after a failed robbery attempt.

“You can’t evade justice forever; it catches up with you eventually. I used to live in fear even before the robbery, but somehow I escaped unscathed. In 2016, I was arrested, sentenced, and later acquitted, which was a turning point for me,” he reflected.

Due to his incarceration, his partner took their child and ceased communication, which deeply affected him.

“I returned to stealing to fund my drinking habit. After a second attempt, I was arrested again and spent a year in Kamiti. Life in Kamiti was different; it kept me away from drugs and turned me around. Today, I advocate against crime, especially in informal settlements,” he concluded…CONTINUE READING>>

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