Following the protest in Kenya that shook the country to its core, the president of the East African country, William Ruto, addressed the situation again during a roundtable with the media at State House Nairobi. There he noted that the grievances held by the people should not lead to a disregard of the country’s constitution. He also noted that his call to resign under the #Rutomustgo is a fundamental right of the Kenyan people.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

As reported by the Kenyan newspaper, The Star, the president of Kenya during a recent roundtable with the media disclosed that there would be no elections at this time. He said this owing to calls for him to resign following the protests that led to the loss of lives.

During the roundtable, he noted that the Constitution does not require the country to hold an election in the aftermath of such a protest.

“There is no provision for an election. Whatever we do, we must keep it within the parameters of the rule of law,” the Kenyan head of state said.

He instead promised that the current situation would be handled with care. “There will be a cut down on many things. Maybe we will ban harambees to stop any demonstration of opulence and cut down on allowances,” he added.

Additionally, during the roundtable, in an attempt to absolve himself of any liability following the deaths of over 20 people during anti-Finance Bill rallies, he stated that 19 lives were lost, not 24, as alleged by human rights organizations, alongside the destruction of property worth Sh2.4 billion.

“I have no blood on my hands. 19 people to the record that I have been dead. Very unfortunate, as a democracy that should not be part of our conversation,” the Kenyan president stated.

When asked his thoughts on the passing of a 12-year-old kid in Rongai, Ruto said that everyone should be saddened by any loss of life, including himself.

“I will give the mother of the 12-year-old an explanation of what happened and make sure that we bring this to a situation where like myself who has children, her child can be accounted for,” he stated, maintaining that the protest at some point had been hijacked by criminal elements.

Another report by The Star revealed that the #Rutomustgo is in the president’s opinion a demonstration of the fundamental freedoms of the Kenyan people.

“Everybody is entitled to their opinion. I have a job to do. Citizens are free to engage in discourse that they want to but those are the fruits and signs of a democracy,” he stated.

In short, he said that he is unhindered by the hashtag since Kenyans are constitutionally entitled to keep tabs on his government…CONTINUE READING>>

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