Meet 47 years Kate (Actress) on Maza who turned her own friend into a cat inorder to snatch the Husband.She started becoming more famous while acting as Fatima in a local series ‘Sultana’ Citizen Tv and Messina in the Selina famous swahili telenovela....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Arguably the most hated Villain in Kenyan swahili movies, she started acting in 2002 when she joined SAFE Pwani where she was hoping to be trained as a HIV counsellor.

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A mother of two, Angie is a stauch Catholic and a member of the Catholic Women Association ( CWA) at her local church in Mombasa. Apart from acting, she is also an entrepreneur.

Friends and people around her started accusing her of ‘witch’ because of evil and hatred roles she played in screens..CONTINUE READING>>

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