There are natural remedies associated with Goliath milk, a plant from the solanaceae family, for various conditions:....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

1. Asthma: For a woman, take 9 fresh leaves, and for a man, take 7 fresh leaves. Wash them carefully, then boil in a small amount of water for 15 minutes. Consume half a cup of the mixture in the morning and evening for seven days. You can add water while boiling or restart if needed.

2. Diabetes: Choose two large leaves that have fallen to the ground. Place one leaf on each foot at intervals, wearing socks. This is a multi-week treatment.

3. Upset Stomach: Take the plant, remove it from its pot, trim the roots, wash them thoroughly, and then drink the water from the pot for seven days.

4. Dental Pain: Gather the roots, wash them, and remove the bark. Bite the root of the hurting tooth and keep your mouth open to let the juice soak in. This requires practice, so some use toothbrush stems made from these plants.

5. Venomous Snake Bites: Use wide, corrosive roots to treat venomous snake bites. However, this might not be practical for highly venomous snakes.

Remember that caution is essential when using components from this plant, as its liquids can be harmful. Avoid use during pregnancy and keep the juice away from your eyes. Additionally, some call the purple blossoms of this plant four-leaf clovers due to their appearance, and they are believed to bring good luck…CONTINUE READING>>

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