Gen Z’s have revealed no plans of forming its leadership terming the move suicidal. Through a post that is currently doing rounds on social media, it begins by identifying themselves as a unique group with similar interests, goals and challenges.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

“Gen Z’s. You are a specific group defined by age and nothing else. You are united by similar interests, desires, challenges, aspirations, motivations etc.”

It further advises the group not to allow the formation of its leadership with the development seen as easy for by-outs. It goes further to question the nomination process affirming that it’s not a walk in the park.

“Don’t allow yourselves to be grouped and asked to appoint leaders into some amorphous committee or commission. Unless you want to be finished or to finish yourselves.

Kwanza who will appoint those representatives? When? Where? How? Will you vote” further read the post.

It further noted that the Gen Z movement is a force to reckon with pointing out at its large numbers enough to vote out incompetent leaders.

Those claiming to be representatives of the Gen Z’s were also called out with affirmations that such leadership units don’t exist.

“Let me tell you why your force has been addressed that fast, it’s because you have numbers to send anyone home. Don’t allow sideshows please and don’t allow anyone to sit there and claim to represent you” quipped the post.

Gen Z’s were further asked to use their forums to debate on matters of national interest. It also gave a nod to the invitation of the cabinet to listen to the grievances.

The group ruled out closed-door meetings opting for the internet arena.

“Use your forums to discuss and agree or disagree on the issues you have. You can even invite the entire cabinet to come there and listen and take notes. You are not holding night meetings and you are not meeting behind closed door or in Naivasha, you are online” it continued.

During such online meetings, Gen Z’s are to offer doable solutions to issues with the execution part left to the cabinet.

While summing up, it noted that remaining tribeless, faceless and fearless was the anchor of their movement.

“Let them go and deal with those issues the best way they know how. Give them the practical solutions but let them go and discuss them in those committees and solve them.

Remain tribeless, faceless and fearless. Anything else and you are doomed” it summed up.

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