Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua on Sunday revealed that there were few individuals in President William Ruto’s administration who did not want him there.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Gachagua who was speaking during a Sunday service at Deliverance Church International Kaplong in Sotik, Bomet County, remarked that he was hated for his stand on political issues.

Issuing a way forward, the DP reiterated he would never stop speaking truth to power since he was Ruto’s principal assistant.

“I always stand by what is true. A few people in government are uncomfortable with the truth and they normally have a slight problem with me,” the DP stated.

“But there is nothing they can do because I cannot change.”

Explaining that he was not a pushover, Gachagua remarked that there were people he trounced from the Mt Kenya region to become Ruto’s running mate and subsequently the nation’s second Deputy President.

With rumours of an impending impeachment motion, Gachagua told Sotik residents that he would stick with President Ruto through his political term.

Gachagua who had recently alleged that President Ruto was not receiving timely advice promised to always speak to the Head of State on key issues affecting the nation.

“One of the ways I will help him is by advising on what Kenyans are saying so that we can serve them,” he explained.

Speaking on the recent Gen Z-led protests, Gachagua accused several leaders of not listening to young people and Kenyans in general.

According to the DP, it was not right to have a majority of Kenyans complaining and listening to their grievances, creating an environment for politicians start looking for scapegoats.

Gachagua reasoned that President Ruto’s administration must address issues that were making Kenyans uncomfortable with the Kenya Kwanza regime.

“That is where a deputy must come in to assist his boss and I can assure you that between me and Ruto we will do whatever it is to address the few challenges in the country,” he told his detractors…CONTINUE READING>>

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