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In a surprising turn of events, a woman claiming to be the late Fred Omondi’s wife has arrived at his home ahead of his burial ceremony.

This revelation has left fans both bewildered and confused, as Fred Omondi had never publicly mentioned her.

Fred Omondi’s alleged wife

Speaking in an interview with a local media house on June 38, the woman, who prefers to remain unnamed, revealed that she is Fred Omondi’s wife and the mother of his two-year-old daughter, Kyla Adhiambo Omondi.

The late Fred had previously revealed he had a daughter whom he loved so much. However, it’s not clear whether Kyla is the same child he talked about.

Despite their relationship, she had chosen to stay out of the limelight.

“Mimi ni bibi ya Fred. Niko na mtoto. Ako na two years anaitwa Kyla Adhiambo Omondi,” she stated.

How family received Fred Omondi’s alleged wife

When asked about her reception by Fred Omondi’s family, she expressed gratitude for the warm welcome she received, contrary to her expectations.

She had feared rejection, given that it was her first visit to Fred’s family home.

“Nawashukuru sana. Nataka kushuku kwanza mama Fred coz alinikaibisha vizuri… Vile nilifika kwa boma nilikuwa maybe wataniuliza mi ni nani but nashukuru. The sisters and brothers wamenikaribisha vizuri sana. Nashukuru,” she said.

She traveled to Fred’s home on Sunday night, arriving on Monday morning, choosing to come alone due to uncertainty about the reception she would receive.

“Nilitravel Sunday usiku ndio nikafika huku home Monday asubuhi. Nilika tu pekee yangu coz this was my first time to come home. I was not sure whether ningekaribishwa ama ningefukuzwa,” she said.

Meeting Fred and their relationship

The woman shared that Fred had told her about his family background, explaining that he didn’t have parents but would have liked someone to see as a mother figure. This motivated her to accept being his wife, even though they didn’t live together.

“Fred aliwahi niambia backgorund yake hana mama wala baba but angefurahi kuw ana mtu atleast anaeza ona kama mamake na mi nikasema ni sawa. Nilikubali kuwa bibi. Bado hatukuwa tunaishi pamoja. Nilikuwa nakuja kwake like one month hivi nikirudi kwetu,” she said.

She recounted how she met Fred at a function, leading to their relationship and eventually having a child together.

“Tulienda kwa function. Hapo ndio tulipatana tukaanza kuongea na akachukua number. Tukameet ikaendelea hivo tu mpaka tukafanikiwa kupata mtoto,” she said.

Fred Omondi had an active role in their daughter’s life, even being the one to shave her hair. “Fred ndio alimnyoa nywele.”

Fred Omondi’s alleged wife reveals how she got news of his death

The woman described the moment she received the news of Fred Omondi’s death, detailing her disbelief and shock.

“Fred ni mtu tu ako na furaha sijawahi ona ubaya wake. Alikuwa tu free na mimi tulikuwa tu sawa. Kuna beshte yake alinipigia simu asubuhi akaniambia Fred ako Mama Lucy, but sikuamini. I was like si niliongea naye akasema atakuja kuona mtoto coz hiyo time nilikuwa kwa ammangu Kibera.

Nikaenda Mama Lucy but bado sikuamini…. Nilipata already amekufa. Alikuwa ashapelekwa mortuary,” she added.

In a remarkable statement, she expressed her willingness to accept other co-wives if there were any.

“Ama not sure, but kama wako ni sawa mi nimewakaribisha.”

Eric Omondi reveals Fred’s two baby mamas.

Earlier today during Fred Omondi’s memorial service in preparation for tomorrow’s burial, his brother Erick Omondi revealed that already two baby mamas have disclosed they have Fred’s children.

He also said that if anyone else claims to have a kid with his late brother, they should come forward now before he is laid to rest.

Omondi added that he is ready to take care of the kids but only if they look like Fred Omondi.

“Kuna watoto huko nyumbani wanakaa Mulamwah. Wale watu wanakuja wanasema wako na watoto wa Fred tafadhali wafanane na Fred. Wawili washafika home,” Erick said.

The burial service and ceremony for Fred Omondi are scheduled for Saturday, June 29, 2024, at his home in Sega, starting at 10:00 AM.

This event will provide an opportunity for family, friends, and fans to pay their last respects to the beloved comedian…CONTINUE READING>>

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