Late comedian Fred Omondi’s baby mama, Rose Achieng’, has opened up about their relationship. Rose was afraid to visit Fred’s home because she did not know how they would receive her.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

She revealed that she and Fred’s daughter was two years old, and her name was Kyla Omondi. Fred’s baby mama said that they met during a wedding event and hit it off after they exchanged contacts.

She learnt of his demise via a friend who asked her to visit Mama Lucy Hospital. Rose said that she was surprised with how welcoming Fred’s family was despite not knowing who she was. She also welcomed other women, claiming Fred, stating that they could mourn together.

Kenyan comedian Terence Creative’s wife, Milly Chebby, had disclosed Kenyans contributed KSh 1.1 million for Fred Omondi’s funeral at Carnivore.

Milly thanked Kenyans who showed up at Fred’s Last Laugh festival, where they contributed money…CONTINUE READING>>

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