Everyone wants to be respected. Respect in actual sense comes to those who do not even chase after it and most often elude those who try to force it on people. When you were much younger, some older people tried to force you to respect them. How many of them do you still respect today.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Most times, it’s the life you lead that makes people to respect you and not when you try to force them into doing so.

1. Be yourself

Be yourself and stay true to yourself. When you try to be who you are not, people will see it through you and nothing kills respect more than that. Lose yourself and you lose your respect. Everyone has what works for them, pressure allow pressure or anything be the reason you try to imitate anyone.

2. Never say what you can’t do

People will respect you more when you don’t talk recklessly. When you are not sure you will do a thing, it’s better not to have it fall off your mouth. Only say it when you are sure you can do it and if for any reason it can’t be done, try and communicate it. With this, you will be a person whose words will be taken to be powerful.

3. Create and strictly enact boundaries

Have things you should be able to tolerate and those you cannot, never you tolerate them from anybody no matter whom they are. Nobody will respect a pushover. When people see how strictly you are standing behind your values, they must respect you for it. This respect is often highlighted the more when they see you’ve succeeded with these same patterns.

4. Learn to not always be around

Too much of circulation decreases value. When you are always seen around, there is nothing to miss you for and people can easily despise you because your presence has become too cheap. When you are hardly seen around, it makes them crave for your presence and when they eventually get it, it is appreciated knowing it is not something common.

Always make your presence so valuable that your absence is easily felt….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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