1. In a free market, you get paid in proportion to the value you provide not hard work. You are poor because of your own ignorance towards money.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

provide massive value, You get paid in proportion to the irreplaceable value you provide. It’s not about trying to make a quick buck and run away. Work on our skills to provide the best in the marketplace.

2. You don’t get rich over-night: If you aren’t born into wealth, you have to start at the bottom. Learning the principles of saving, multiplying-capital, investing, etc. The first step you can take is to start saving 10% of your monthly income.

3. Every purchase is a deal: Buy quality things that will last over fake ones. buy quality clothes over cheap ones because they last longer. And you lose money when you buy cheap. The rich consider every spend as a deal while weighing the returns.

4. Streams of income: The rich create multiple streams of income. Having businesses, investing in index funds, have many source of income that way they can’t be poor.

5. Have a long-term vision: They rich are willing to invest and risk money to make more in the long-run. They are okay with investing money consistently before ever seeing a profit….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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