A father of 12 children has narrated how he lost eight of them to scoliosis, a condition where the spinal cord curves itself after birth, and how the three old enough to start a family have not yet found someone to love them.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

The father says that it all started when he got married. He felt itching and pain in his back, and when he went to the hospital, he was diagnosed with scoliosis.

He claims that he has lost eight children due to this disease, where after his wife gives birth, every child is born with this deformity. The four remaining children still have it, and he fears losing them one day.

He claims that he tried taking them to the hospital, but there was no cure. They even tried herbal medicine, but all was in vain.

The firstborn says that no woman wants to be with him. He has tried approaching more than ten girls, but when they see how he looks, they reject his proposals.

The second-born, a girl, says that men only want to use her, but it’s not pure love. She hopes that one day she will find someone who will love her just the way she is and have a beautiful family.

The third-born says that he is not interested in finding love since he has seen how people reject his siblings. He just wants to do business and help his younger siblings get an education, something he never had.

The family is pleading with well-wishers to help them start a small business since they cannot do heavy work because of their body deformities…CONTINUE  READING>>

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