President William Ruto during a media roundtable on Sunday, June 30, 2024.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

President William Ruto has pledged a major shake-up in his adminstration soon in the wake of a massive uproar from concerned Kenyans who have demanded change.

The changes will most likely hit hard his cabinet and a team of advisors whom a section of Kenyans have said are squarely to blame for the current crisis the country is facing.

With the latest case being the Finance Bill, 2024, which Kenyans forced the Head of State to reject following a series of protests, calls to have Ruto’s advisors shown the door have intensified.

In a roundtable media interview on Sunday, the President was put to task to explain why he would maintain the same team of advisors yet they are the reason behind some of his unpopular policies, including tax measures.

Without further elaboration, the president pledged to realign his administration to the new realities the country is facing.

“Watch this space,” the President said in response to shake up query.

The President has been under intense pressure to reshuffle his adminstration amid opinions from a section of Kenyans who claim some appointees have failed to meet the public’s expectations.

But the President in a rejoinder said that even though there are mass expectations to kick out some senior officials of his administration, that must be done with a degree of fairness.

Ruto said he would not hesitate to kick out any Cabinet members from office if there is an iota of evidence indicating him or her to any crime.

“I am a fair person and believer in the rule of law. The moment we will have a minister charged in court, believe me, I will take the necessary action,” he said.

“If there is no evidence against a minister, do you want me to fire him without evidence? The due process of law must be followed…CONTINUE READING>>

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