Method: Mix equal parts of red pepper and black pepper with water in a spray bottle. Spray this mixture in corners, along windowsills, doorways, and other places where lizards are commonly seen.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Effectiveness: The strong smell and irritation caused by the pepper will repel lizards, making them stay away from treated areas.

Caution: Ensure the spray does not come into contact with your skin or eyes as it can cause irritation.


Method: Collect eggshells and place them in hidden spots around your home such as behind furniture, in kitchen cabinets, and near entry points.

Effectiveness: Lizards are deterred by the smell of eggshells and will avoid areas where they are placed.

Coffee Powder

Ingredients: Coffee powder, tobacco

Method: Mix coffee powder with tobacco and shape the mixture into small balls. Place these balls in areas frequented by lizards.

Effectiveness: The strong smell of coffee combined with tobacco acts as a powerful repellent for lizards.


Method: Place garlic cloves near windows, doors, and other openings where lizards might enter.

Effectiveness: The pungent smell of garlic is offensive to lizards, keeping them away from these areas.

Naphthalene Balls

Method: Place naphthalene balls in various places around your home such as cabinets, closets, and near entry points.

Effectiveness: Naphthalene balls emit a strong odor that repels lizards and other pests.

Caution: Keep naphthalene balls away from children and pets as they can be toxic if ingested.

Peacock Feathers

Method: Hang peacock feathers on walls or place them in areas where lizards are commonly seen.

Effectiveness: It is believed that peacock feathers have a natural repelling effect on lizards, possibly due to the fear of predators.

Cold Water

Method: When you spot a lizard, spray it with cold water using a spray bottle.

Effectiveness: The sudden change in temperature shocks the lizard, causing it to run away…CONTINUE  READING>>

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