Valentine, a mother of four, has narrated how everybody warned her not to marry her now husband because of his disability, but love prevailed.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

According to her, after she met her husband, named Longine, she was still young, and she fell in love with him. He proposed to her after being rejected by other girls due to his disability.

When she broke the news to her family, they were all against it and warned her not to marry him. However, she didn’t listen, and they planned their wedding and started living together.

Her parents were left with no other option but to accept that their daughter was married to a disabled man, and the only thing they were sure of was that she would never have kids. But they were all wrong.

After a few months, she got pregnant with her firstborn child and proved everyone wrong who had said that she would never have kids. She is now a mother of four kids and a happy mother.

Valentine says that nothing makes her happier than taking care of her husband, carrying him whenever they have to go somewhere, and being the one who works to feed them. They have never slept hungry.

She says that people should not judge those with disabilities; instead, they should love them and bring out the best in them…CONTINUE READING>>

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