End Of Season Top 4 Epl Predictions Results

A big fight indeed has been witnessed in the entire season after a number of teams fought not only for the trophy but also for the uefa qualifications ticket.

I can comfortably mention to you teams that have made it to the next level they include manchester united Manchester city, Arsenal and Newcastle. However based on the chronology of how they will finish will be different.

Manchester city and Arsenal are the first two but number three and fourth they have to wait a little longer till tommorow for the final game.

Newcastle will be playing chelsea in Stamford bridge and chelsea will do all it’s takes to try and win the game however most likely chelsea players would want manchester united to lose Position three and chelsea have nothing to lose so far.

This means they can easily conceed defeat. Also Fulham are likely to silence manchester united without doubt as united will be playing under pressure seeking Position three but will lose it.

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