Surveillance data of positive SARS-Cov-2 or coronavirus samples show that an offshoot of the Omicron variant JN.1 and influenza spreading in the country.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

The JN.1 is classified by the World Health Organization as a variant of interest and was first reported in August 2023.

Kenya’s Covid-19 waves modelling expert Dr Shem Otoi, said that the surge is not surprising as this has been observed before.

“When we look at past data from our modeling, the periodicity and seasonality of waves happening now could identify this period as a peak of Covid-19, only that this could be a mild one,” he told Nation.

It was also reported that Dr. Ahmed Kalebi, an independent consultant pathologist, also believes there has been a surge in respiratory illnesses over the past two weeks.

Kalebi added that many people are suffering from flu-like symptoms: cough, throat and chest pain and runny nose.

“These are signs and symptoms of an ongoing outbreak of viral respiratory infection. However, it is not unusual or unexpected as we are now in the flu season,” he said, as reported by the newspaper.

Dr. Kalebi asked the country’s Ministry of Health to share data more regularly and update the public with evidence to allay fears as well as to inform public health measures.

He also called on the public to be cautious—those with symptoms to stay away from others to minimize spread, wash hands frequently and practice hygiene…CONTINUE READING>>

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