Diabetes And Other Conditions You Can Manage By Eating Bitter Kola Regularly

According to WEBMD, Bitter Kola is a flowering plant found in the Central and western part of Africa. Also known as “Garcinia kola”, it has been known to possess some medicinal properties and traditional medicine requires that the seed is eaten raw. Bitter Kola have a sharp and bitter taste. This taste changes slightly into sweetness when chewed....CONTINUE READING

Several studies have led to more recent discoveries being made on the health benefits of this plant. Some of these discoveries show that Bitter Kola seeds can help to manage certain health problems.

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In line with a health publication from WEBMD, this article will be revealing some medical conditions that can be managed by taking Bitter kola regularly.


Infections ranging from common cold, cough, and hepatitis have been proven to be managed by the consumption of bitter kola. A 2018 study shows that bitter kola can help to fight against bacterial Infections and viral infections.

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Bitter Kola may help to fight a new infection immediately and quickly, causing you to feel better.


Chewing bitter kola seeds can help you to fight against inflammatory problems like arthritis. A 2008 study shows that persons who experienced osteoarthritis in their knees had less significant amount of inflammation.

Bitter Kola contain high level of potassium, this might be a factor that helps to reduce Inflammation.

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Kolaviron is a chemical found in bitter kola – this chemical may help to protect against hypoglycemia from people with Type-2 diabetes.

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