Despite The Clear Cases Of Electoral Fraud, INEC Chairman Still Went Ahead And Declared A Winner – Shehu

A political rights activist and ardent supporter of Atiku Abubakar, Mahdi Shehu, has voiced his displeasure with the manner in which the 2023 presidential election was conducted.

Speaking earlier today, he claimed that the lack of transparency caused both international and local observers to discredit the elections. He also questioned why there were obvious cases of fraud involving security agents and even some INEC employees, yet Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, the chairman of the INEC, hurriedly and arrogantly declared a winner. Mahdi insisted that reviewing the election was the best thing the INEC chairman could have done, but oddly enough, he never did.

In his words: “Local observers and international observers both discredited this election.There is abundant evidence of fraud, as well as the participation of INEC officials and security personnel in undermining the election.

The electoral act’s provision stated that he (Prof. Mahmood Yakubu) could review the results within seven days, but surprisingly, he never did. He made a winner-declaration head-on and without hesitation in an arrogant manner”.

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