WebMD warns that despite the potential for joy and intimacy, intercourse is not without its share of risks and unexpected outcomes. People frequently hurt themselves or others through social interactions because of their own clumsiness. You can improve your chances of having a positive intercourse experience by avoiding the following common pitfalls.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Failure to take precautions

Not utilizing protection is a common mistake that people make when having sexual encounters. The use of condoms and other types of contraception not only helps women avoid unwanted pregnancies, but also protects them from sexually transmitted diseases. Unless you are both monogamous and have had STI testing, you should always use protection.

Failure to undergo STD testing

According to healthline HIV positivity is often undetected because of the lack of obvious symptoms. These days, it’s not easy to tell because there are drugs that might prolong a person’s stay. Be sure to take your significant other to the doctor for a battery of testing.

Condoms that have expired

Always double-check the condom’s expiration date before purchasing it from the store. Getting an illness or becoming pregnant when using a condom that has expired is a real possibility.

Pregnancy-Prevention Douching

This is a widespread error that many individuals make these days. A study found that avoiding sexual contact with your privates, even when washing them, has no effect on your fertility. It could potentially make you sick with an infection….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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