Committee Of Indigenous Lagosians Endorses Gbadebo For The Governorship Election

The Committee of Indigenous Lagosians has endorsed the Labour Party gubernatorial candidate Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour for the Governorship Election.

The Lagos State Governorship Election which has major contenders Sanwo Olu of All Progressive Congress, Abdul-Azeez Olajide of People’s Democratic party and Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour of Labour Party. The Committee chose Gbadebo among other candidates.

The Governorship Election was formerly scheduled to be held on 11 March, but after the meeting held in Abuja today, it has been postponed, so the new date for the Governorship Election is 18 March 2023.

During a press conference,the committee spoke at length about INEC shortcomings during the previous presidential election and has promised everyone that this time it wouldn’t be like the previous, as they urged everyone to be at alert on election day and come out in Mass to vote for Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour for the Governorship Election, they said they believe he would make a huge difference with the current state of the City.

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