Why The Co-onwership Nature Of Chelsea Might Be The Main Problem Of Chelsea

The majority of Chelsea football club’s fans are indeed calling out to Todd Boehly to sack Potter regarding his poor tactical strategies have yielded many negative and poor results.

However, Chelsea fans should also try to understand that Boehly might not be the one lingering the sack of Potter but the co-ownership of the Chelsea football club.


Todd Boehly might want to sack Potter but doesn’t have the full right to act alone: Every Chelsea fan would indeed be pointing accusing fingers at Boehly and blaming him for not sacking Graham Potter, but the fact remains that Boehly alone can’t sack Potter even if he (Boehly) wants to sack him (Potter).

The sacking of Potter would remain many protocols of meetings and agreements by the co-owner before it would be done. We might say that Todd Boehly is a representative of the Co-owners of Chelsea football club, and would only carry out the mindset and decisions made by his partners.

The other co-owners might be backing up Graham Potter: There is every tendency that the other co-owners of Chelsea football club, might be backing up Graham Potter.

Hence making it hard for Boehly to fire Potter on his (Boehly’s) power and authority. Todd Boehly though being the frontman will never act in his stead with the permission and approval of the other co-owners.

But had it been it was in the era of Roman Abramovich, Potter would have been sacked because the Chelsea football club was owned and managed by Abramovich alone.

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