Carjacking Squad Taken Down After Doing This To A VW Polo Owner

If there is a crime that has become so common in South Africa, carjacking has to be one of them. Barely a day goes by without reports of carjacks and vehicle thefts being carried out. It has been noted that criminals prefer robbing motor vehicles as they are easy to convert into cash.

Of late, stolen vehicles have been stripped for spares or smuggled out of the country. In our neighborjng countries, vehicles have a lucrative market and fetch extremely high prices.

Law enforcement agents are always being kept on their feet as they battle to ensure that criminals are dealt with. In a media statement which was published by the members of the South African Police Services today a gang of six robbers was taken down. It was made up of three males and three females if the ages between 17 and 31.

Their arrest was carried out at a village which is located outside Kurumani called Bankhara at 09:25 in the morning. The six are being alleged to have hit a male victim with an object on the chest when he was visiting a friend in a robbery of his VW Golf Polo vehicle.

It has been noted that VW Golf vehicles are among the most sought after vehicle models by carjackers as they are on demand.

They went on to tie him up on his feet and hands before they threw him into their bakkie and drive him. When the suspects got between Kathu and Kurumani, they threw the victim out of the vehicle. Passerbys saw the victim badly wounded and an unknown person took him to the Kurumani police station where a report was made.

A local vehicle tracking company was engaged as well as the Crime Prevention Unit and they began investigating on the whereabouts of the vehicle. The tracking personnel showed their tactfulness as they managed to locate where the vehicle was in a matter of minutes.

A follow up was made by the members and they managed to round up and apprehend the suspects.

The vehicle tracker proved to be a useful tool to curb vehicle thefts once again as it is to be attributed to the success of this operation. Most of the vehicles which are recovered will be having a tracking device.

The suspects are set to make an appearance at the Posmasburg Magistrate Court soon facing charges of carjacking. The suspects will be profiled for their role in similar robberies which have been reported across the Northern Cape Province.

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