Busses Loaded With 30 ‘Stolen’ Children Enroute Osun Intercepted

Men of Operation Zenda have intercepted two Nezam Buses at Ameladu Gboko local government loaded with under aged children headed for Ede in Osun state.

The woman in charge of the children, Mrs Linda Angbandoo Akaasema, said the children were already in Osun state schooling and only visited Benue for the festive period.

According to Akume Raphael, she confessed further to being an orphanage owner with the name Akaasema Child Care Foundation registered in Benue but operational in Osun state.

The Children numbering thirty two have thirteen boys and nineteen girls of different ages with the oldest among them being twenty-five years old.

Mrs Akaasema said the children are from Ukum local government towns of Zakibiam, Jootar and other towns sharing Boundaries with Taraba state.

When Mrs Akaasema was asked to provide evidence to prove the children were already in school and only visited home, she could not provide any and was also unable to provide any documents to identify herself saying she forgot all when leaving Osun state.

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