Why Boehly Made A Huge Mistake In Appointing Lampard As Chelsea’s Interim Coach

Following Lampard’s performances and results in Chelsea’s games as an interim head coach, one would doubt conclude that Boehly might have made a great mistake in appointing Lampard as Chelsea’s interim head coach.


Bruno would have given Chelsea better performances and results than Lampard: Truth be told, Chelsea’s assistant coach, Bruno had a beautiful tactical strategy which yielded to Chelsea’s brilliant performance and result against Liverpool.

Every football thought that Chelsea football club’s squad would have been brutally dealt with by Liverpool in their second English Premier League fixture. But to everyone’s surprise, the game ended in a 0-0 goalless draw with Chelsea’s squad tipped to have triumphed because they outperformed Liverpool.

Bruno’s tactic and formation against Liverpool were gladly appreciated by most Chelsea fans as Liverpool who thrashed an in-form Manchester United in a 7-0 result were held in a 0-0 draw even after it was crystal clear that Liverpool had a better chance of winning the poor performing Chelsea squad. I believe that Bruno who took over from his ex-boss, Graham Potter who was fired by Chelsea’s new owner, Todd Boehly, would have attracted better performances and results for Chelsea.

Lampard lacks the needed experience and tactics to spearhead an elite club like Chelsea: This is Lampard’s second spell as Chelsea’s head coach, yet there was nothing positive to boast of about his performances. An experienced and tactical coach, with Chelsea’s squad at his beck and call, would have yielded more positive results than Lampard got.

Most times, Lampard hardly dictates a faulty position or an underperforming player who needs substituting in a game. His formation and tactics don’t suit nor favor the players most of the time. One would easily detect that Lampard only makes his selections or substitutions based on trying lucks and not based on the quality of positive impact a player would implement.

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