Based On Current Form, Here Are The Best Dribblers In The World

Based on current form, here are the best dribblers in the world, showcasing their mesmerizing footwork and dazzling runs.

10. Kaoru Mitoma

At number 10, we have Brighton’s star forward, Kaoru Mitoma. Known for his quick feet, Mitoma effortlessly takes on players, leaving them in his wake. His agility and close ball control make him a formidable force on the pitch.

9. Allan Saint-Maximin

In ninth place is Allan Saint-Maximin, who has been lighting up the Premier League with his dazzling dribbling displays. The Newcastle United winger has been a nightmare for defenders, effortlessly gliding past them with his electrifying pace and trickery.

8. Rafael Leo

Rafael Leo claims the eighth spot on our list. The talented playmaker has been a revelation, consistently dribbling past opponents to create scoring opportunities for his teammates. His ability to maintain control of the ball while under pressure is truly remarkable.

7. Jeremie Boga

Jeremie Boga, currently playing for Atalanta in Serie A, secures the seventh position. With his mesmerizing dribbling skills, Boga has established himself as the best dribbler in the league. His quick changes of direction and close control make him a joy to watch.

6. Ousmane Dembele

Barcelona’s Ousmane Dembele ranks sixth on our list. Dembele’s lightning-fast feet and explosive bursts of speed make him a nightmare for defenders. His ability to create space and beat opponents one-on-one has made him Barcelona’s most potent dribbler.

5. Jamal Musiala

In fifth place is the young prodigy Jamal Musiala. The Borussia Dortmund sensation has taken the Bundesliga by storm, showcasing his exceptional dribbling skills and ability to unlock defenses. Musiala’s close control and audacious runs have made him a standout performer this season.

4. Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe claims the fourth spot with his blistering pace and exceptional dribbling technique. The Paris Saint-Germain forward’s ability to effortlessly glide past opponents makes him one of the most feared attackers in the world.

3. Neymar Jr

Although Neymar Jr hasn’t been in peak form recently, he still secures the third position based on his overall reputation as one of the world’s finest dribblers. His incredible close control, quick feet, and audacious tricks have made him a force to be reckoned with.

2. Vinicius Junior

In second place, we find Vinicius Junior, who has made significant strides in his game. The Real Madrid winger has added consistency to his explosive dribbling ability, tormenting defenders with his lightning-quick changes of direction and incredible acceleration.

1. Lionel Messi

And finally, at the pinnacle of the list, we have Lionel Messi. The Argentine magician continues to amaze with his otherworldly dribbling skills. Messi’s close control, balance, and ability to change direction at breakneck speed make him virtually unstoppable. Even in his current form, he remains the epitome of dribbling excellence.

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