Atiku Campaign Spokesman Expresses Sadness Over Peter Obi’s Remark On Presidential Poll

The representative of the Atiku Lobby Association, Daniel Bwala has communicated bitterness over a case by the Official up-and-comer of the Work Party, Mr. Peter Obi while included on a program on Emerge TV.

Daniel Bwala

The assertion by Peter Obi created differing responses to the degree that he had to compose a reply, on Twitter, to reveal more insight into his comment where he guaranteed he isn’t testing the rise of Tinubu yet the cycle that delivered him as the Duly elected president of the Government Republic of Nigeria.

Mr. Peter Obi, in his reply to the tweet, said that “following my reaction to an inquiry while showing up on Emerge television recently, I need to state completely that at the Official Races Council (PET), I’m testing the INEC electing process that prompted the statement of Tinubu as president-elect as well as the actual Statement.

By the by not happy with Peter Obi’s comment, Mr. Daniel Bwala tweeted that Peter Obi is expressing in opposition to what he was chasing after actually.

He said “Peter Obi said he will challenge the political decision since he accepts he won, simultaneously he says he isn’t testing the result however the interaction. Assuming that he asserts he won, the main ground of his request is S. 134 (1) (c), meaning he is testing the result. Miserable

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