A 19-year-old Athiak Dau Riak has accepted the marriage proposal of Eng. Chol Marol, ending a highly publicized marriage competition with Marial Garang Jiel. This decision has captivated the nation, showcasing the rich cultural traditions and the value placed on marriage in South Sudan.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Marriage competitions are a unique cultural practice in South Sudan, especially among the Dinka community. They involve multiple suitors vying for a bride, often leading to lavish displays of wealth and generosity. This tradition not only highlights the suitors’ affluence but also their commitment to win the bride’s heart and her family’s favor.

In this case, the competition for Athiak Dau Riak’s hand in marriage has been particularly intense and widely followed. Athiak, often referred to as the most expensive girl in South Sudan due to the high stakes involved in her marriage, became the center of attention. Her family’s final decision was eagerly awaited by many.

Athiak Dau Riak is a young woman of grace and beauty, whose family lineage and personal attributes made her a highly sought-after bride. At just 19 years old, she represents the aspirations and dreams of many young women in South Sudan. Her decision to marry Eng. Chol Marol marks a significant moment in her life and reflects her family’s deep cultural values.

Eng. Chol Marol, the successful suitor, is a prominent figure in South Sudan. Known for his engineering prowess and substantial wealth, Chol Marol has demonstrated his readiness to marry Athiak through significant offerings to her family. His victory in this competition is a testament to his determination and the esteem in which he is held.

Marial Garang Jiel, the other contender, also put forth a strong bid for Athiak’s hand. Although he was not chosen, his participation in the competition showcases the deep respect and value placed on marriage in South Sudanese culture. Marial’s efforts reflect the high standards and expectations involved in such traditional practices.

The dowry offered by Eng. Chol Marol is nothing short of astounding. The final agreement includes:

130 Cows: Cows hold immense cultural and economic significance in South Sudan. They are symbols of wealth, status, and prosperity. The 130 cows pledged by Chol Marol underscore his substantial resources and commitment to Athiak’s family.

50 Alothok Cows: These are special cows with significant value, further highlighting the depth of Chol Marol’s offering.

120,000,000 SSP (South Sudanese Pounds): This staggering amount of money solidifies Chol Marol’s position as a man of considerable means and influence. It also ensures that Athiak’s family is well-compensated and respected within the community.

The Family’s Decision

The family of Athiak Dau Riak has officially declared their acceptance of Chol Marol Deng’s marriage proposal. This decision was not taken lightly; it involved careful consideration of both suitors’ offers and their potential contributions to the family’s future. Ultimately, Chol Marol’s proposal was deemed the most favorable, bringing the marriage competition to a close.

One of the most significant aspects of the marriage arrangement is the pledge known as “Wëng de Chol Marol Deng Atem.” This traditional pledge is a solemn promise made during the marriage negotiations, signifying the suitor’s unwavering commitment to his future bride and her family. It is a revered practice that cements the bond between the two families.

This high-profile marriage has captured the imagination of many in South Sudan. It highlights the enduring cultural traditions that shape the nation’s social fabric. While the lavish dowry and public competition might seem extraordinary, they are rooted in deep-seated customs that celebrate familial bonds and social cohesion.

Dowries play a critical role in South Sudanese marriages. They are not merely transactions but are imbued with cultural significance. Dowries serve to honor the bride’s family, compensate for the loss of a daughter, and establish strong ties between families. They also reflect the suitor’s ability to provide and care for his future wife.

In this case, the substantial dowry offered by Eng. Chol Marol has set a new benchmark, underscoring the importance of economic stability and generosity in South Sudanese marriages.

As Athiak Dau Riak and Eng. Chol Marol prepare to embark on their new journey together, their union symbolizes more than just a marriage. It is a celebration of South Sudanese heritage, resilience, and the values that bind communities together. Their story will undoubtedly inspire future generations to honor their traditions while embracing the opportunities of the modern world..CONTINUE READING>>

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