How Arsenal Could Lineup With Cristiano Ronaldo If Signed

Ronaldo agreed to join Al-Nassr on January 1, according to Spanish news site Marca, which made the announcement on Monday. Contrary to the player’s claim that he won’t decide on his future until after the 2022 World Cup, when he has led his side into the round of 16, where they will play Switzerland, when he has led his squad into that stage. But he’s now being connected to Arsenal.

Galetti discusses how, despite reports that Ronaldo has agreed to a lucrative move to the Middle East, Arsenal may still try to convince him to stay in England. The world-famous athlete recently left Manchester United following a disagreement with Erik ten Hag.

Ronaldo could provide an alternative for the Gunners, who will likely find a replacement for the injured Gabriel Jesus. A potential short-term deal would give the player the opportunity to prove he can still play for a leading club that is competing for trophies.

Certainly, the player’s desire appears to be to remain at the top level for as long as possible, and it’s even conceivable that he would take a pay cut in order to make it happen.

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best strikers in football, and he will provide Arsenal with a focal point. Arsenal’s games so far this season have had limited crosses into the opponents’ box. The presence of Ronaldo can change that.

As a consequence of being a focal point of attack, Ronaldo will not be charged with defensive work like Gabriel Jesus does, but his presence will limit the attacking style opponents might want to impose because it will be dangerous for them to leave Ronaldo around their box.

Arsenal already have a working midfield pivot in Partey and Granit Xhaka, the latter of whom also helps in attack. Bukayo Saka and Gabriel Martinelli will do their thing on the flanks, then Ronaldo can deliver and help Arsenal win the Premier League.

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