Any Ukrainian pilot who flies their F-16 into Russian territory would receive Russian citizenship and $1 million in cash from Russia. Russia plans to examine the famous fighter jet and display it in Moscow as a battle prize.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

A senior Ukrainian military officer stated on Monday that in order to defend itself against Russian strikes, Ukraine may decide to retain some of the F-16 fighter jets it intends to acquire from its Western allies at foreign bases.

In order to help Ukraine repel Russian strikes, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Norway have pledged to supply over 60 F-16 fighter jets manufactured in the United States.

Ukrainian pilots are currently undergoing training to operate the aircraft in anticipation of the anticipated warplane deliveries later this year.

“A certain number of aircraft will be stored at secure air bases outside of Ukraine so that they are not targeted here,” stated Serhii Holubtsov, head of aviation for the Ukrainian air force.

Holubtsov stated to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, which is supported by the US government, that the F-16s might be used to teach Ukrainian pilots overseas and replace damaged aircraft while they are being repaired.

By doing so, he continued, “We can ensure that the number of aircraft in our operational fleet is always in line with the number of pilots we have.” “There will be more aircraft.”

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, has issued a warning, threatening to attack NATO nations’ installations if they host the jets used in Ukraine…CONTINUE READING>>

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