No matter how old you are don’t be desperate. If you are desperate, men will continue to take advantage of you.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Don’t use sex or pregnancy as a bait to tie a man down. If you uses sex, he can always get it elsewhere.

Don’t make everyone see it on your face that you need a husband.

Understand that our timing differs in life but God makes everything beautiful in his own time.

Don’t look frustrated. You can fulfill destiny without marriage, you can also marry and not fulfill destiny.

Don’t let people tell you that you are old. When they say that, reply them that you are waiting for divine timing.

Don’t be tempted to settle down with a married man or an unbeliever. You will not be happy. Be friendly but firm.

Stop dressing like a hsrlot to reveal your cleavage and thighs to attract a man. That is prostitution. Dress well according to your gender and carry yourself smartly.

Don’t open your heart for any man. Take your time and be prayerful. Don’t let men break your heart.

Work on yourself rather than looking for a good man. Make yourself a good woman first.

May God bless every lady here that desires to marry with a *God fearing, faithful, responsible and a happy potential husband*:before this year is over in Jesus name…CONTINUE READING>>

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