Brighton, a young man and upcoming YouTuber, has narrated how a 68-year-old lady locked him up in her house for 13 days and abused him continuously.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Brighton requested help on his social media platforms, seeking someone who could support him with a good-quality camera to make better videos for his content.

On this fateful day, he got a call from a lady who was willing to help buy the equipment he needed. Little did he know that the lady intended to take advantage of him.

He met up with her in a public place, but after some time, the lady asked him to go with her to her house to pick up the camera. He followed her, and when they got to the house, the lady brought out a lot of cash and a good-quality camera but told Brighton that he had to entertain her before taking the items.

Brighton was shocked and refused to follow her rules. She then offered him juice, and after some time, he blacked out and later found himself lying on a bed.

For 13 days, he was locked up in the house and couldn’t communicate with anyone since the lady took away his phone and bought him an iPhone that did not have anyone’s contact information.

On the thirteenth day, the lady got sick, and Brighton got a golden chance to escape from the house. He was happy to reunite with his family and friends at last.

Brighton urges young people seeking help on social media not to meet alone or in private places, as it could be a setup, and they could end up losing their lives.

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