A Man Shows His Anguish When A Military Official Forcibly Cuts His Hair At A Kaduna Checkpoint.

A Nigerian tourism promoter has taken to his Twitter handle to express his sadness after a military officer cut his hair at a checkpoint in Kaduna.

@its_freezle said he was traveling from Kaduna to Jos with two of his friends when they were stopped by military officers at Kurmi Idion. He stated that the military officer asked them to remove the face caps they were wearing and when he spotted his hairstyle, he described him as being irresponsible. He said the military officer asked him to go to a nearby barbing salon to have his hair shaved.

He mentioned that when the military officer saw that he wasn’t interested in cutting his hair, he ordered his colleague to use a scissor they had to cut it. The Twitter user mentioned that when he tried to resist them from cutting his hair, he said the officer corked their guns and threatened to shoot him. He said he was forced to allow the military officers to cut his hair against his will.

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