The story of a young lady who got pregnant for three years and gave birth to three rats has left netizens in awe. While sharing her story with Chispiree, a TikTok influencer, the young lady said she got pregnant for three without having done anything wrong to anyone.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

According to her, she had moved from one spiritualist to the other, hoping to find the person behind her predicament and seek solutions to her problem but all to no avail.

The lady said her husband was assisting and helping her while seeking solution to her problems. One day, the lady said her husband took her to a powerful man of God where she received the shocking revelation of her life.

According to her, when they got to the church, the pastor boldly asked her husband to confess to why he’s putting his wife through all the stress.

Initially, the lady said her husband denied what her pastor was saying but after receiving a hot slap from the pastor, he bagun confessing, revealing that he’s a ritualist and the one behind his wife’s condition.

According to him, his wife’s parents caused the death of his parents and so he decided to revenge their death by putting the lady in that condition.

He again revealed how he makes money from her wife’s predicament, adding that he has a lady he loves and even kids with…CONTINUE READING>>

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