When he woke up and took a look out the window, his eyes immediately widened with anger. He had spent weeks trying to resolve the issue peacefully, but what he saw outside proved that all his polite pleas went unheeded. He went outside and looked at the rows of cars parked across his lot.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

He just knew he was already exhausted from the situation; people were pushing his patience too much. Without thinking much, he climbed onto his tractor and started the engine. It was time for revenge.

Today’s story takes place in Croatia. Zagreb is the capital and most populous city in Croatia. It is also a city rich in history and culture, naturally attracting tourists to the capital. On the outskirts of Zagreb, there is a village called Jakusevac. Jakusevac is a rural community that is attracting attention thanks to a famous flea market that is set up near the village center every Sunday. It was becoming so popular that people from all over Croatia made the effort to go there every weekend.

The market in Jakusevac is very popular due to the wide variety of items being sold. You can buy antiques, vintage clothing, collectibles, furniture, rugs, motorcycles, and bicycles in just one street. In addition to the good deals, tourists are also attracted to the Jakusevac flea market because of the food stalls. In addition to selling local fruits and vegetables, some traders also sell street food and other local delicacies.

All this might seem like fun to the casual shopper, but one Zagreb resident came to hate the Sunday market that took place every weekend. This was a farmer who happened to own land very close to the flea market location. Pavao Bedekovic loved his life in Jakusevac. He loved the tranquility and simplicity of the place; in fact, this was one of the advantages of living in a rural community. But ever since the flea market opened next to his property, buyers had been causing him constant problems.

Pavao used to welcome the fact that his community was growing and modernizing. Initially, he was happy that a flea market opened next door because it meant he could shop without having to drive out. He could buy food and groceries in less than ten minutes. But he had no idea what impact that flea market would have on his quiet, peaceful life, and it wasn’t a positive impact.

As the weeks passed, the crowd at the flea market grew as word spread. As the flea market became popular, people began to notice the lack of dedicated parking space in the area. Jakusevac was a small village, which meant small streets, and the streets got smaller when people started parking on the side of the street. It turns out that Pavao’s farm was an open area.

He was preparing the land to plant corn, but the buyers saw the open area and turned it into a parking lot. His property was close to the flea market and was a short walk away, so buyers saw it as a convenient location. Pavao’s farm was invaded and turned into a parking lot every Sunday by flea market goers. People didn’t even bother to ask the owner if they could park their cars on the farm; they just started blatantly parking their cars on his property.

Most of the people who invaded his space were tourists, so Pavao tried to be patient. But before long, even some locals were parking there too. Before he knew it, there were two to three rows of cars parked on his lot every Sunday.

Pavao did his best to be patient at first. He asked people to avoid parking their cars on his property again when he caught them returning to their cars after going to the flea market. But every week, more people continued to park there. It got to the point where instead of spending Sundays having a big brunch with his family, Pavao ended up spending Sundays in his field preventing customers from parking when they entered his property. It was a real headache.

Standing guard was the only effective way to stop cars from entering his lot. Those who found him withdrew, but as a farmer, he had chores to do. He couldn’t stay outside all day like a parking lot attendant; he was a busy man. Therefore, despite his efforts to politely ask everyone not to use his property for parking and having posted a sign, customers still persisted in using it when he was not on guard. It was frustrating and uncomfortable. Pavao realized that this parking dilemma was starting to interfere with his habits and his life. He needed to think of a way to discourage people from parking on his lot even when he wasn’t on guard duty.

The most obvious answer was to build a huge fence around his land, but he couldn’t afford to do that at the moment. In addition to being expensive, a fence would make it more difficult for him to drive his vehicles into the field. Pavao was a very patient man, but everyone has their limits. That fateful day happened on November 16th, 2015. Pavao woke up to see two rows of cars parked on his property and decided he was tired of this disrespect. Pavao decided it was time to teach the invaders a lesson.

Pavao got on his red tractor and decided it was time to prepare his land so he could plant corn. Then he drove the tractor toward the line of cars. He was going to do something unbelievable. The tractor went into the middle of the two lines of vehicles, and Pavao began to cultivate his land. And as far as agricultural tasks go, tilling the land isn’t exactly the cleanest.

Pieces of grass and dirt flew from the ground and hit cars as Pavao passed by. A crowd began to gather around after noticing all the movement. Cars parked illegally on the farm were covered in mud and dirt. They watched as Pavao tilled the soil around the parked cars so that they would get stuck and have to deal with the mud and soft soil.

Car owners ran out of the flea market and were visibly angry. Some managed to get to their cars and drive away, but they had to pass through soft ground and were still stuck. Those who had no idea what was happening ended up with their cars stranded. One of the car owners whose car got stuck in the soft ground threatened Pavao, telling him that he had gone too far. She ended up calling the police, but Pavao continued cultivating his field, oblivious to the frustrated complaints from car owners.

When the police arrived, the streets were chaos. Car owners immediately demanded that they arrest Pavao for the destruction he caused to their cars. The police officers assessed the situation and approached Pavao, who was calmly waiting for them. Pavao told the police that the land was his property. He had been asking people for weeks to stop using his land as a parking lot, but they just wouldn’t stop, and it turns out that was the day he needed to plant corn. The officers got back to the car owners, saying they couldn’t do anything about it. Ultimately, the land belonged to Pavao, and as the owner, he could do whatever he wanted with it at any time, even if it caused problems for other people.

Car owners couldn’t believe it. When they started protesting again, the police officer in charge raised his hand and said they should be lucky that Pavao wasn’t accusing them of trespassing. If that were the case, the police would have to arrest them. The land was private property, and the car owners were parked there illegally. All the cops could do was help them get their cars off Pavao’s property before Pavao changed his mind about not pressing charges.

The entire scene was filmed, and the video can be found on YouTube. In the video, you can hear viewers laughing as they see Pavao taking revenge on all those cars parked inside his property. People also defended the farmer. Most of the comments talked about how selfish and stubborn people can be sometimes and applauded Pavao for being able to take revenge correctly. For them, it was a well-deserved act that was not violent but had a huge impact.

It didn’t take long for the YouTube video to go viral. People were amused to see the farmer casually plowing the land as if the cars weren’t there. He looked so cold, after all, he was seeking revenge. Another commenter pointed out how parked cars could be harmful to the soil. These cars are ruining the soil aggregate, and the toxins from the car can leach into the soil.

Who knows how much damage had already been done over the weeks. Parking on grass, even for just a few hours, can cause damage not only to the grass but also to the soil. The weight of the car compresses the grass, and driving across the field can cause ruts and disturb the soil. As we all know, healthy soil is very important for a farm.

But Pavao was not as callous as car owners thought. After making it clear that he no longer wanted people to use his land as a parking lot, he ended up leveling the ground to help free the stuck cars. Even so, some of the car owners still didn’t understand his side.

They complained to the police that their cars were damaged. The police told the car owners that they had nothing to complain about as they had parked in a place that did not belong to them and was not for that purpose. The car owners threatened a lawsuit against Pavao for the damage caused to their cars. The police did not side with the owners, as they illegally stopped at the site even after a series of warnings from the landowner. However, in the end, none of them actually took the situation to justice.

After the incident, Pavao came to be regarded as an angry and annoying farmer, but his actions were not only satisfactory, they were justified by the attitudes of the people who parked there. Even with all the talk, the following week the best thing happened. No cars parked on his land. That was the best Sunday Pavao had in a long time of stress…CONTINUE READING>>

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