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As the warmer months roll in, insects invade many British homes as doors and windows are left open.

However flies are revolted by citrus and clove scents, as are mosquitoes, making it the perfect insect deterrent.

You can buy a lemon from Tesco for 34p, and 5g pack of clove scents for just 15p.

The only maintenance required is to gently squeeze the lemon once a day to release the juice.

Expert Hudson Lambert has recommended other hacks to homeowners keen to keep flies out.

The pest control expert advises Brits to block any entrances into their homes that sneaky bugs can take advantage of.

“Make sure you inspect and seal cracks or gaps in doors, windows, or walls that they could use to enter the house,” Hudson said.

Another easy tip is to remove any temptation for flies by storing food correctly and keeping your home clean from crumbs.

Hudson suggested making sure your floors are sanitary and keeping loose food packages sealed tightly to prevent attracting insects.

He added: “If you have pets, always clean away uneaten food and never leave water bowls unattended for extended periods.

“In the garden, especially around summertime, dropped ice lollies are huge ant attractants – so make sure you mop up the melted bits!….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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