Are you looking for Ballerina Nail Ideas and Inspirations? Coffin Nails or Ballerina Nails is that special kind of Nail Shape which is clipped off at the top so that it is not pointy and it looks just like a coffin! Ballerina Nails are one of the most popular Nail Art trends....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Coffin Nails are smarter and edgier than the round nails or square nails, which have been going on for years and years. When you are looking for Nail Art ideas for Long Nails, then Ballerina Nails are your Perfect options. Ballerina Nails are generally Long, but you can also try short Ballerina Nails.

So, if you have long Nails and you are thinking how to shape them or which Manicure technique to follow, then, you can always go for Ballerina Nails.

They allow you the pleasure of long Nails an are not even as delicate as Pointy or Stiletto Nails. The most loved amongst these Coffin Nails are the Coffin Acrylic Nails, Black Matte Coffin Nails, Short Coffin Nails etc.

So, if you are interested to know about how to make a Ballerina Nail Shape, or you need quick inspiration and ideas of the best use of these Nails for some trendy Nail Art, then read below. Here is a collection of Best Ballerina Nail Art ideas for you.

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First of all, you clip your long Nails to a desirable size. Now, you can make two points in the center, and from the edge of your nail, you can draw two diagonal lines, joining your points at the tip.

These two lines will be your outline for the edges of your Ballerina Nail. Remember, the base of Ballerina Nails isn’t pointed. It has to be flat. That’s the typical trademark of these Nails.

Now, once you have filed your Nails, go on and check out these Ballerina Nail Art designs, and choose one for yourself.

A classic way to spice up boring Nail Art is to go for Ballerina Nails. And when you have the fabulous combination of Silver and Nude Nails, along with Rhinestones, you do not need anything else to do the talking!

Black and Gold are a wonderful combination. And when you introduce a dash of glitter and rhinestones, it looks so amazing.

While the world is losing it over the trend of Nude Nails, you can follow the route less taken and go with these light Pink Nails. Make your own style statement with these.

Black Coffin Nails are so stunning. Just one coat of this color and you look so bold and audacious.

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French Ombre Nails are so popular. The merging of a lighter tone into a darker one. It looks so sophisticated, and when you do it on your Coffin Nails, it’s gasp worthy!

If you have trouble keeping long Nails, go for Short Ballerina Nails. And this Short and clean Ballerina Nail with Black Flowers is so elegant.

White Coffin Nails are loved by everyone. Do you love them too? Then you should definitely try out this unique Nail Art that’s so different and chic.

Pointy Nails along with Coffin Nails is a new trend which is quickly ctching up. You can try this out and impress everyone.

The green color is so cool and composed. When you have Green Coffin Nais, it looks utterly classic. Green is a peaceful color, and when you paint your nails with it, it looks so calm and composed. It’s also perfect for office goers.

Monotone Red Nails are bright and bold.

These unique Nail Art designs on Ballerina Nails is one of a kind.

When you have chrome nails, to do the talking, it’s just one hell of a thing!

When in doubt go glitter, is my absolute mantra.

Orange and Black Matte Coffin Nails design are so amazing. It just accentuates the Ballerina Nails so well. These are perfect spring nail arts.

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Now, we all love the simple yet sophisticated French Manicure style. Why not glam up your style quotient by merging it with Ballerina Nails?

Dark Nude Nails look so gorgeous. And here is a fine illustration, where they have been paired with glitter nails, and it’s looking so pretty.

Grey Matte Coffin Nails

Coffin Nails looks the best with Matte Nail Polishes. And when you have Matte Grey Nail Polish, it looks so glamorous. I have a thing for the color grey. It’s so subtle, yet doesn’t fail to exude a sophisticated style quotient.

White Nails are my favorite. And here it’s done so gracefully and intelligently, it literally looks like – “Clouds on your fingertips”.

When in doubt, you should always go for simple and easy Nail designs. And here, the classic Coffin Black Nails are just incomparable to any other Nail art.

Coffin Nails are amazing. When you are bored of every other nail designs, then just keep it casual and wear these Acrylic Ballerina Nails.

Hence, this was the list of some of the best Ballerina Nails art designs and ideas. Hope you liked them..CONTINUE READING>>

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