A 25-year-old woman died on Tuesday, April 30 after falling from the tenth floor of an apartment in the Ngara area of Nairobi....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

According to area residents, the incident happened early in the morning before the streets below got busy as is the norm.

A report by an eyewitness detailed the incident, noting that the mother of one fell on the power lines running close to the apartment before hitting the ground.

The report further stated that the deceased was allegedly in the house with her husband and 5-month-old baby on the fateful morning.

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It is yet to be determined whether it was a case of suicide or murder, as the statements recorded by the witnesses are scanty.

Area police have launched investigations to ascertain the circumstances that led to her demise while assessing CCTV cameras in the area for any more information regarding the same.

“It was around 8:00 am when I saw someone fall on the electric cables while I was seated outside the building. That is all I saw,” one witness recalled.

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Hinting the incident to have risen from marital disagreements, an elder resident advised people to solve matters maturely, asking the police to speed up the investigation.

“I wish to call on the government to investigate this incident. It will be good to also educate young people on how to live together in marriage,” another resident requested.

In a similar incident in March, a lady in Kasarani died after she was allegedly pushed from the tenth floor of an apartment, following a commotion.

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Following an investigation by officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), it was discovered that the deceased met up with a male companion at an entertainment joint within the area on the previous night.

Whereas it is not clear what happened, the deceased is believed to have been pushed to her death while the male companion sustained injuries from 10 stab wounds..CONTINUE READING>>

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