Sometimes it is hard to understand women. You don’t know what is going on inside her mind. Women almost always hide secrets from us. It makes it hard for you to speak to them.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

They do things that will make you confused. Learning about these things can change your life. We will tell you everything you need to know to read their minds.

By the end of this article, you’ll be ready to break down barriers and forge strong bonds with women. Let’s jump right in.

She wants a guy with options. Remember that options only come with struggle. If you are a guy who has achieved nothing, then you will have limited options. You will have to struggle with women. They will not give you their attention so quickly.

They don’t want you to know this for one big reason. People will think that they are shallow. The fact is that women are shallow. They want a guy with whom they can feel safe and protected. They want a guy who is a prize. If you have achieved success in life, women will give you attention.

Because in her mind, you can always talk to another hot girl. Most women will always look for things like status. They want a guy who is already preselected. They can tell by your demeanor that you have options. Guys who don’t have options will chase them desperately. Guys who have options won’t pursue them.

Women don’t want you to know this. They are one of the best stalkers. If they like someone, they will stalk them. It doesn’t matter who it is. They will thoroughly check out your social media profiles, whether you are their boyfriend or a friend. Not just that, they will ask about you from other people as well.

Some can even be desperate. However, this is a fact they do not want you to know. It is because it will shift the power dynamic. Women always want to control you in some way. The only way they can direct you is by knowing your secrets. Using her tricks, you will fall into her trap.

She will make you a slave because she knows everything about you. Try to be careful about yourself. Don’t reveal your secrets very quickly. If she stalks you and discovers things you do not want to be exposed to, she will have power over you. Once she has power over you, she will abuse you.

Trying to convince women logically is dumb. She will only choose you based on her feelings. It doesn’t matter if you have looks or wealth. The only thing that matters is how you make her feel. Making a girl feel strong emotions is the key. She does not want you to know about this though. She wants you to be a sister for her.

The higher your value as a man, the more drastic her tricks will become. You can turn the tables. All you need to do is identify the traps. Once you do avoid falling into them, it creates strong emotions in her. These emotions can be diverse. She might hate you.

She might get confused as well because her previous targets were easy. You, on the other hand, are an intelligent person. All of these are strong emotions that will make women fall in love with you. However, she does not want you to know about them.

Women have their own secret language. They don’t want you to find out about it. However, they get annoyed when nothing is done about it. Men are simple. They do what they say. They say what they feel. Women, on the other hand, are not like that. They may say that they are fine.

However, you can see that they are not okay. It can be confusing. They don’t want you to find out about this secret language. However, they get annoyed if no effort is made to learn this secret language. For example, your reply can be something like okay. It will make them irritated.

There can be other reasons as well. For instance, she may be trying to avoid some conflict. Or she could be upset about something she does not want to discuss immediately. The mistake guys make here is to give her space. Instead, you must make her comfortable and ask her about her problems. It is what she secretly wants you to do.

Women want to test men. It is a very common thing, that they do. Some women are not not even conscious of this instinct. They are doing it unconsciously. They want you to fulfill all those parameters, so they try to test you. They will throw curve balls at you.

These can be in the form of anything. It can be about giving you two situations. She will then observe what you do. They do these tests for a reason. If you can pass these tests, you will become their dream man. Another reason to do these tests is to see if you are genuine.

They know that men can be anything. They want to get laid. So they test you on your claims. You will pass those tests if you say who you are. However, if you lie, she will walk past you.

Have you ever felt women can recall details from years ago? They have this superpower that enables them to remember minute details. They store every little thing you say. All those actions you committed were assigned specific emotions. All those emotions are stored in filing system.

They analyze everything about you, even the most minute details, whether it is the clothes you are wearing or the perfume you have put on. Based on these observations, women will make judgements about you. Some research studies have shown that women take seven to ten seconds to form an option about you.

Based on those opinions, they then interact with you. So if you wear clothes that are not top notch, she will think you are lazy.

If you are obese, she will feel that you are unhealthy. They don’t want you to know these things. But in reality, women are analyzing everything you do or say. They judge a book by its cover. If people learned this secret, they would think of women as shallow.

Physical appeal is not everything for women. Sure, it may help with some initial attraction, but that’s not all. The way they properly develop interest is through communication. They hide this fact because they want you to chase excellence. They want a guy who is good at communication and has a hot body.

They want the top 1 % of men. However, having good communication skills alone can also take you quite far. Having good communication skills means how good you can make her feel. Your words must be said in a manner that flatters them. For example, a guy who compliments a girl’s appearance may not be very impact full.

However, a guy who compliments a girl’s personality will have her attention. Women get high when talking to others. Hence, they can speak for many hours. So they don’t want you to know about this. But having excellent communication skills will change your life.

Women want to feel secure. They want a man who can protect them. They want you so stand up for them. The reason women nowadays hide this is not very complicated. They hide this because of the new age of feminism. They worry that if they ask a man for protection, they might be laughed at in other situations.

Society has made them insecure. They feel insecure about asking a man for security. The reality is far from this. They want a guy who can protect them. For example, if you two are walking down a dark street, a guy tries to harass her, she would want you to stand up for her.

Some women might even want you to best that guy up. Women wish to be with someone who has masculine features. There is nothing more masculine than protecting your girl. But they do not want you to know this to keep your face in front of society.

Women hate bore room. They like to do crazy things. They always want to be on an emotional roller coaster. Ask yourself why every girl is obsessed with the Kardashians. They only want to watch shows like this because of the drama. They love riding the emotional roller coaster.

They will chase the bad guys because it takes them on an unpredictable ride. It shows that the only power you have over women is your emotions. If you can control her feelings, you win. They don’t want a predictable guy. It is something they don’t want you to know.

Sometimes they don’t realize it themselves. So thing like pulling away, are incredibly effective. If you take away their attention, it makes them desperate for you. It will happen next, she will fall for you. Conclusion these are all the things that women want to hide from you.

You can use each one of these secrets to your advantage. You can avoid dangerous pitfalls. Try to build good communication skills, especially if you are unattractive.

Some guys are indeed blessed. However, you can compensate for it by building your communication skills. Don’t worry about anything that isn’t in your control. Just be yourself, be co rodent and you will score big eventually…CONTINUE READING>>

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