7 Things That Cause Pimples, You Need To Stop Doing

While pimples are common, having too many of them on your face can be really bothersome and uncomfortable. Pimples often happen when dead skin cells mix with too much oil on your face, causing swelling and a good environment for germs to grow.

There are some things you should avoid doing because they can cause pimples:

1. Stop touching your face all the time. Your hands have lots of germs, and when you touch your face, those germs can lead to pimples.

2. Surprisingly, phones are really dirty. Putting your phone close to your face spreads those germs and can cause pimples.

3. Sun is good for vitamin D, but too much sun can dry your skin and make more pimples.

4. Don’t wear sweaty clothes for too long. Bacteria on your skin from sweat can cause pimples.

5. Change your pillowcases and bed sheets when they get dirty. Otherwise, the bacteria and oil on them can give you pimples.

6. Stress can make your body produce more oil and lead to pimples.

7. Washing your face too much can make your skin dry and produce more oil, causing pimples.

Remember, it’s better to prevent pimples than to treat them. Use special face wash and soap that fights germs to take care of your skin…READFULL