Life takes a turn for everyone after tying the knot. You live under the same roof with your husband and share your life with him.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Whether it is talking about how your day went, what are your likes and dislikes or your weird habits, you end up sharing about the nitty-gritty of your daily life with your significant other every day.

However, there are always some topics you might not be comfortable sharing with your partner and would like to keep these as little secrets with you.

We asked seven married women about the things they would never disclose to their partner and here’s what they revealed.

1. My past relationships

“My husband has asked me several times about how many romantic relationships I had before meeting him and I always try to dodge the subject. After living with him for more than three years, I am pretty sure he would start overthinking and become insecure if I share the details of my past. What matters is that I am a dedicated and loving wife, and my past no longer impacts my present.”

2. At times, I miss my ex-boyfriend

“I really love and respect my husband but at times, I end up comparing him with my ex-boyfriend. I know it is not healthy for my marriage and no one is perfect. I have been married for three months and am still trying to make peace with my past.”

3. I pretend that I love his parents

“I have been having issues with my in-laws since the first day of my marriage and we never got along well. We live in the same house and I pretend I am happy living with them. The reality is that I have accepted the fact that my in-laws would never treat me like their own daughter and even I cannot love and care for them the same way I do for my parents.”

4. ​I regret giving up my career!

“I gave up my career to look after the kids and run our household smoothly. My husband returns home late from office almost every day and I do not expect him to help in any household chores but I expect a little appreciation. It has been more than four years but he has never appreciated my hard work even once. I feel I am doing a thankless job and regret giving up my career.”

5. He takes his mother’s side

“My mother-in-law and I do not share a very cordial relationship. We often argue and my husband takes her side even if she is completely wrong. At times, I secretly cry because I feel like a stranger in my own family.”

6. The gossip related to my family and friends

“I do not share what all is happening in my best friend’s personal life, or crib about my relatives in front of my husband. We are newly married and he spills out all my secrets to his mother. I do not want any one of them to judge my near and dear ones.”

​7. Our sex life isn’t that great

“My husband devotes minimal time to foreplay and I feel we do not share a good sexual compatibility. I am waiting for the right opportunity to tell him that sex is not just about his pleasure….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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