(1). Where did you get your dress? It appears to look good on you. These statements or questions will give her the impression that she looks fabulous and that you admire her.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

(2). You’re so intelligent. What school did you go to? Asking a girl this question is a way of telling her that you like her intelligence and that she is smart. This is another way of complimenting her.

3. Is it possible that your mother is the source of your incredible beauty?

Most of the time, when a woman listens to this, she may smile or blush, and this is because you are complimenting her beauty.

4. Do you learn songs or are you truly gifted? This question should be asked after she finishes singing. And what you are trying to say by asking such a question is that she can sing and that it is only those who are gifted who can sing in such a way.

(6). I like your personality. Is it possible for us to be friends? This is one simple but effective way a man can use to ask a girl out. It will be difficult for a girl to refuse you if you come or approach her in this way.

(7). You have a wonderful appearance. Do you come from a royal/rich family? This question is used by men not because they are interested in the answer, but because they want to complement your appearance.

Because respectable approaches allow you to connect with a woman rapidly, tiny mistakes or a lack of knowledge can hurt your chances. As a result, how you approach female subjects is crucial….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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