Former Chelsea midfielder Oscar has admitted that he is dreaming of a return to Stamford Bridge at some point in the future....CONTINUE READING

He told TalkSPORT that his passion for the club is unmatched after a number of successful seasons in West London.

The Brazil international combined for 40 goals and assists in the Premier League, helping form one of the more exciting attacks in England at the time.

Despite not really being seen as past his best by any means, the club had no choice but to accept a £60m offer from Shanghai Port back in 2017.

The manager at the time was Antonio Conte, who had no worries filling the void as he went on to win the Premier League in his first season in charge of the club.

Oscar wants Chelsea return

Now though, the midfielder has claimed that he would love to come back to Chelsea if a return to England was ever on the cards.

He said: “Now I’m just focusing on playing more games. I was in Brazil, maybe I can go to England to be fit. Of course that means to come back to Chelsea. Everyone knows the passion I have for this club.

“I have a lot of good memories at Chelsea. I still have dreams to play for this team, so if something happens where I can go to Chelsea then we can talk.”

Nostalgia always plays a part when discussing things like this. The argument for Chelsea to bring back former star and club legend Eden Hazard crops up amongst supporters near enough every transfer window.

However, realistically both of these players will not be adding much to an already bloated squad at Stamford Bridge, only potentially tainting their legacies.

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