If you have trouble sleeping at night, it could very well be that your bedroom is the cause.  Several things that sometimes end up in the bedroom can disrupt your sleep. If you add insomnia caused by stress, exhaustion, or hormonal changes, it’s no wonder some people have trouble sleeping.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Here are 5 things not to have in your bedroom to promote a good night’s sleep:


Your bedroom should be a serene place that invites relaxation. If there are multiple loads of laundry to fold, children’s toys and dirty dishes, no wonder you can’t relax!

Make sure that what is in your bedroom has its place and purpose. Take the opportunity to add some decorative items that represent a sense of calm and well-being to you: maybe it’s fresh flowers, a scented candle (like the one with rose and tea white from Moodgie ), a soft, huggable pillow or a pretty jug of water.


We repeat it over and over again: to sleep well, we must be able to relax, to leave the day behind us. Not only do devices like cell phones, tablets or televisions provide a distraction that stimulates your brain rather than relaxing it, but their blue light can also affect your sleep. So try to avoid at all costs bringing the computer to bed and replace the endless “scrolling” on the phone with a good book!


A mattress should, on average, be changed every 7 to 10 years. So if your mattress is older than your eldest who is starting college, it may very well need to be replaced!

A mattress adapted to your needs is essential to have a good night’s sleep and avoid waking up with aches. Take the opportunity to also sort through your bedding and get rid of sheets that are too old or stained.


Sleeping well is almost impossible if your bedroom is too bright. Blue light from your electronics has been mentioned, but other light sources can play a part in promoting relaxation.

Soft and adjustable lighting for the bedroom is best, with flexibility levels rather than just one set position.  Prefer a gentle awakening? Some lights, like this one , are designed to mimic sunrise or sunset with soft, gradual lighting.

You can also get curtains that cut out outside light (like these).


Yes, we love them! Yes, they are part of the family! But let’s face it: sleeping with a pet in bed is rarely easy! When it’s not the cat who wants to play at 2 am, it’s the dog who takes up all the space! So for sleep to be restorative, we leave to leave pets out of the bedroom, or at least out of bed….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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