5 Things You Can do to Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

Unsatisfactory battery life is one of the major issues that many people today face with their cellphones. Many smartphones today don’t even provide you the time you need to complete any task you give them, which can be aggravating. The screen brightness, camera, amount of processes running in the background, screen refresh rate, and other factors can all contribute to low battery life. This article will show you how to make your phone’s battery survive longer.

1. Reduce the brightness of your screen and the amount of time you spend with it.

While the screen is on, your Android or iPhone uses more power, especially if the brightness is set to a high level. If your battery is running low, avoid using the screen to follow navigation instructions, avoid watching movies, and avoid games and programs that have a lot of animations. If you absolutely must use the screen, lower the brightness to save battery life.

2. Mind your apps.

Many popular apps, especially those with a lot of graphics or audio, are notorious energy hogs. Video games, particularly free versions with advertisements, are the worst offenders, so keep Angry Birds for when you’re near an outlet. Also, rather than just minimizing your apps, remember to close them. Apps that run in the background invisibly can drain your battery. To do so, double-tap the home button to view what apps are currently running, then press and hold one of the icons until it begins to wiggle. To close an app icon, tap the sign in the top left corner.

3. Use battery saver mode.

Many current phones have a low-power or battery-saving mode. It may dim your screen, put it in black and white mode, and severely limit your phone’s functionality. However, in some circumstances, the battery life will be doubled. It’s a lifesaver when the battery is running low and you’re nowhere near a charger.

4. Turn off the vibrations.

Although it may be less annoying, the vibration feature on your phone consumes more power than conventional ringtones, so turn it off. To save battery, keep your ringtones at a low volume and turn off any unnecessary alarm sounds that tell you when you’ve pushed the screen. It will consume less battery if you set it to silent mode. It isn’t ideal because you won’t be able to tell if someone calls or texts you. However, desperate times necessitate extreme methods.

5. Remove any apps that are running in the background.

Even after you’ve dismissed an app, it’s surprising how many continue to run in the background. They could be doing anything as simple as determining your location so that your maps app opens faster. Alternatively, they could be collecting your information to sell to third parties. They’re a drain in either case. Remove these from your phone and it will live much longer.

6. App push notifications should be reduced.

Receiving an immediate notification when you receive a new Facebook message or a Twitter mention might be a terrific way to remain in touch while on the go. However, if you get a lot of these, your battery life will suffer. Turn off or limit notifications to only the most important apps.

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